Thursday, March 5, 2009

Will The Real John Titor Please Stand Up!

I first heard of the infamous Time Traveller John Titor from 2036 in 1998. I was interested in time travel since I read The Philadelphia Experiment followed by, the Montauk Project Experiments in Time, Behold a Pale Horse, and many more books. I was addicted to reading and had to have the next book ready before I finished the prior one.

In the eighties, I frequented the Art Bell conspiracy message boards where users interacted with each other about topics that were on the show Coasttocoastam. I would read these books, write reviews and share what I read on the message boards.

So one day back in 1998 there was a featured post on the AOL paranormal message boards. The title was.

"I Know You Won't Believe This But I am from the year 2036."

He went on to write a mind-blowing article about how he was from the year 2036 and that he came back to get an old IBM computer to use for its parts. He then went on to say at the end "Please don't contact me." I didn't see that part so I contacted him. This was in 1998. I know this because I was keeping a journal, and that was the date. I was corresponding with him every day for months before he started posting to other places, and drawing things which I believe were done by him.

I was looking for writings I had from years ago and found a few pages in my journal of what I wrote on who by now I was calling "My Future Man" because when I was talking and IMing with him he never told me his name. It was an important few pages I found. It was on how the world will be cut up into the DNE.

He said the DNE stood for the Democracy Of a New Earth.

I am just about the only one who may have spoke with the real-time traveler called John Titor or, maybe not.

Now that I see this is being brought up again, I will tell you what I have to do with this. I simply spoke to someone who said he was from 2036, he never gave me his name so I called him, my future man. I spoke with him back in 98/99. He said medical records would be online, and proceeded to tell me my grandsons future wife's name, so if he meets this girl I'll know he was real.

If what he told me comes true then he was really here.

In 2001, it's recorded that I spoke with John Titor on the websiteand asked the person who was answering questions? If he ever heard of the DNE? Democracy for a New Earth?

He said no, and I was thinking wait a minute didn't you tell me there was going to be a DNE? I was disappointed and thought that the guy I first spoke with was the hoaxer. But, now I'm reading the Raz report, and I see my name down as a possible hoaxer. I think the report is right as far as the J.T. who was on the anomalies website. That he was a scammer, and the one I spoke to was another scammer? But, for what purpose?

John gave me details on the DNE, a five-way split-up of commodities worldwide, and he told me the real reason why his mother and father moved out of Florida besides their y2k fear mongering that was in high drive on Art Bell. That was just the excuse they gave. The real reason they were to move out of Florida was because, he said: That they were going to come out with a windows 10 1,000 megahertz computer, and when they turn it on? It would heat up the crystals under the earth in Florida, and would cause major eruptions displacing thousands of people.

So, I pondered all that he told me. Like how one-third of the population would be left due to a war, and that those who were left would be living in small communities. He said there would mostly be a barter system. So, I asked if we would have money, and he said yes but, it would be a little different.
We didn't talk every single day. I was taking writing classes and painting. And, I was on my umpteenth rewrite of a screenplay based on the bible end times.
I figured if I made it happen on paper, I would get it off my mind since all the past end time dates that were given came and gone. I was just sick of thinking about it.

So I had finished the screenplay, submitted into a contest twice, and it made it into the semi-finals twice. Then I submitted it to a Christian book publisher. They liked it but, they wanted me re-write it into a book, and add another 100 pages. I asked my "Future man" if I can put the things he told me in it, and he said yes. So, I started changing it around and then my computer crashed and I lost all I had written. At least I have a hard copy of the original screenplay.

I found the beginning of my story!

And it goes like this:

I know you will find it hard to believe but, I'm writing this from the year 2038 because this is where I come from.
I never got the chance to write about how I live in the future, or how it came to be that I am here posting on the internet.
I never said I live on Earth in the future because I actually live on the Moon.

The discovery of ice on the Moon made it possible for us in the United States to set up, Moon based living quarters. We used pressurized cylinders like those used in present day space stations to live in. The cylinders are covered with soil to protect them from cosmic rays, and meteorites.

After scientist finished exploring the mountains and valleys of the Moon the observatory's were established to obtain a clearer view of the sky than is possible from Earth where our atmosphere gets in the way of making observations much more competent to detect a possible hit from outside sources.

We also set up radio telescopes to study the cosmos free of interference from radio transmissions from Earth. Energy to power the moon bases comes from sunlight. Solar power also is used to convert the ice at the polls into hydrogen and oxygen for fuel: oxygen for breathing is extracted from the deposits currently locked away as oxides in the Moon rocks.

The same rocks are being used to extend our bases. Plants for foods are grown in Moon soil, with added water and fertilizer. Farm animals and fish are kept in pressurized domes. Solar power is used to melt the deep oceans of the Moon, making it possible to have several wonderful shorelines.

The Moon is also being mined for valuable metals such as aluminum, iron, titanium, and magnesium, which are used to build spacecraft here on the Moon, and then shuttled onto to the Earth.

We are also mining the Earth for minerals to use on the Moon such as beryllium, and zirconium. These minerals are only found on Earth in small Asian countries, and of all other places, Orange County N.Y. Click here for the Journal entry I wrote in 1998.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

New! John Titor. Chronovisor-Andrew Carlssin

ORIGINAL POSTING FROM JOHN TITOR FROM 2001 ART Bell Put my name in the find feature. I show up twice. One with my full name Jeanette Foresta asking a question, and his answer is under JEANETTE.
Click here!

March 1, 2009 9:47 PM
Years ago someone claiming to be from the year 2036 posted on the AOL paranormal message boards. His post was featured on AOL's front page.

He said he was here from year 2036 and that he was here for old computer parts. He went on about his life and told us Not to contact him for he would not answer questions? But, I didn't see that part so I emailed him. He answered me and we had long talks for a number of weeks, maybe more.

He ended up telling me things about the future and about my future. He also said people's medical histories would be as fast as the click of a button on a computer. He said he was talking to me from the future one day. That he had a better computer so he could look up my medical history. So I asked him to look it up. He told me I would live to 140, with no serious illness, no HIV, and my husband would die a few months after me and, he would have no HIV.
I guess a lot of people were getting HIV for him to stress that point?

He told me how we would be living. And about many other earth changes, but that he saw no end of the world. He said it was just different, and with fewer people from all the earth changes. He said he would not be back, he was just on a mission.

I asked him if anything would happen in 2012 since Joseph Campbell marked that date as being The End according to the Mayan Calendar. And he laughed and said "nothing is going to happen but, the world will be different." In this posting from 2001 John Titor says that Joseph Campbell will lead people to a false doctrine. And, he would have many followers. It's towards the bottom, and the person admonished him for even mentioning this man. How would John Titor know of Joseph Campbell becoming a false prophet?
In this Original post, he does mention that The Time Machine was not his and mentioned that the world will be split into 5 parts. He gave me the details in HERE! If you prefer to hear the video?

Andrew Carlssin was another Time traveler. I had clipped out a story on him many years ago and then found his name on their site. Here for my clipping! The more I think back, the more I remember what I asked, and he told me.