Sunday, March 1, 2009

New! John Titor. Chronovisor-Andrew Carlssin

ORIGINAL POSTING FROM JOHN TITOR FROM 2001 ART Bell Put my name in the find feature. I show up twice. One with my full name Jeanette Foresta asking a question, and his answer is under JEANETTE.
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March 1, 2009 9:47 PM
Years ago someone claiming to be from the year 2036 posted on the AOL paranormal message boards. His post was featured on AOL's front page.

He said he was here from year 2036 and that he was here for old computer parts. He went on about his life and told us Not to contact him for he would not answer questions? But, I didn't see that part so I emailed him. He answered me and we had long talks for a number of weeks, maybe more.

He ended up telling me things about the future and about my future. He also said people's medical histories would be as fast as the click of a button on a computer. He said he was talking to me from the future one day. That he had a better computer so he could look up my medical history. So I asked him to look it up. He told me I would live to 140, with no serious illness, no HIV, and my husband would die a few months after me and, he would have no HIV.
I guess a lot of people were getting HIV for him to stress that point?

He told me how we would be living. And about many other earth changes, but that he saw no end of the world. He said it was just different, and with fewer people from all the earth changes. He said he would not be back, he was just on a mission.

I asked him if anything would happen in 2012 since Joseph Campbell marked that date as being The End according to the Mayan Calendar. And he laughed and said "nothing is going to happen but, the world will be different." In this posting from 2001 John Titor says that Joseph Campbell will lead people to a false doctrine. And, he would have many followers. It's towards the bottom, and the person admonished him for even mentioning this man. How would John Titor know of Joseph Campbell becoming a false prophet?
In this Original post, he does mention that The Time Machine was not his and mentioned that the world will be split into 5 parts. He gave me the details in HERE! If you prefer to hear the video?

Andrew Carlssin was another Time traveler. I had clipped out a story on him many years ago and then found his name on their site. Here for my clipping! The more I think back, the more I remember what I asked, and he told me.

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