Sunday, August 9, 2015


A time traveler named Johnathan comes to our time and is interviewed by Art Bell. He came from the year 2063- Change the number around and you get 2036 hum..okay let's go on.

Art welcomes him to the show. Johnathan says he had to get this message out after the tsunami in New Guinea. Johnathan is a farmer in his time. His main purpose of coming to this time-line was to find ancient crops, grains and seeds to sequence their DNA and hybrid them with other crops by taking out the adaptability and use them for their crops in the future.

He says Christianity died in 2038 when they found the arch of the covenant in Ethiopia. It had some sort of inscriptions on it, I don't know how to explain it, he says a lot of Greek Mythology was turned into Christianity. Christianity was dealt kind of a blow because of that.and.. he goes on.
I know there were ancient other myths from other lands. In the arch of the covenant, an ancient book was found which they were able to track back to the origins of modern day Christianity. It was tracked back to Jesus for instance being the ancient god Hercules, part man part god. Even part of His name was taken from the name Zeus - Hercules father.

Jupiter saves earth from all the possible hits from asteroids.

Q: Answer: They have captured some of the greys, called Mimms who were named after the sound their ships made. They are trying to make it into our dimension. But, they are not adaptable to our climate and are messing with our weather trying to make it cold so they could live here. They need dark, damp, cold weather. So, we are fighting them in the future, and they have actually captured some of them.

Q: Are there still American Patriots in the future? A: In the future it is Patriotism to the human species because of the Mimms- the greys trying to live on earth so they can grow their food on our planet. But, they cannot take the cold so they are at war in the heavens because the greys are trying to control our weather to bring in a type of ice age.

The video is one I've never seen before. I'm putting this out here to stand as a record for the future generations. So when someone from 2063 see this? They will be able to tell if this was what really happened.

This has to stay up! I don't know what else to say but, listen to it if you are interested. I've already found the Greek Mythology connection to the Bible. This is the first time I heard that Jesus was really Hercule's when the arch of the covenant was found in 2038! So, I will be gone by then. Unless reincarnation is real, and our memories are no longer wiped when we come back. I will be able to find myself in the past. In the Click Here to see it! Bible it says our memories were wiped!

In the meantime, my future offspring will look back at this and see what their ancestor Jeanette Foresta was thinking in her timeline of 2015.

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